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Eden Winery is located in the village of Ranilović, near Arandjelovac, just an hour’s drive from Belgrade. It is positioned between the mountains of Kosmaj and Bukulja, at an altitude of between 240-260 m.

For production, we use exclusively grapes from our own plantations that surround the winery.

The vineyard was planted during 2014 and 2015, and the first harvest was in 2017. Since then, by carefully maintaining the vineyards and using top equipment for processing and production, we are constantly striving to keep the quality of our wines at the highest level.

About vineyards:

Between the mountains of Kosmaj and Bukulja, there is a specific wind rose, which enables ventilation throughout the year, and creates ideal conditions for quality fruit. The composition of the land is diverse, which allows us a range of activities in agricultural technology itself.

The vineyard was raised on an area of ​​about 7 ha with varieties: semillon, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay from whites, as well as merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc from blacks.

The yield is reduced, and the yield is projected for high-quality grapes. As the production plant is directly next to the vineyard, the time from the harvested grapes to their processing is reduced to a minimum, which greatly contributes to the quality of the final product.

About the winery:

The building itself rises imposingly in the center of the property, while it is a carefully decorated

vineyard. Contemporary design is completely integrated into the beautiful landscape.

The entire production plant as well as the barique hall is located underground.

The production plant is designed and executed according to the most modern technologies, and in the barricade hall

we use the highest quality French barrels for both red and white varieties.

Our door is open. Through an organized tour you will learn more about our vineyard,

wineries, production process and mode of operation.

The tour includes:

Pick up and drop off at the agreed place

Vineyards and winery tour

7 hours

Min. people: 4 / Max. people: 40

Transport included

Wine tasting

Food paring with wines or

Traditional lunch and dessert

Guide on location