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Matalj Winery is based on the centuries-old tradition of growing vines in Negotinska Krajina, with the aim of continuing the production of top quality wine with the stamp of the region. The Mladenović-Matalj family has been producing top-quality grapes and wine for several decades, and in 2007 the project of renovating old vineyards and expanding the cellar’s capacity began. Our philosophy in wine production comes down to simply preserving the properties of grapes in the wine we get from our vineyards.

Currently, Matalj Winery cultivates its 20ha vineyards within three vineyards in the Negotinska Krajina region. The Kremen, Terasa and Bukovo vineyards represent a special micro whole with its specifics in terms of country and climate and form the basis of our production and our quality. The new modern cellar at the Bukovo location in the vineyard itself can process and produce 200,000 liters of the highest quality wine.

About the Cellar:

Gratitude and devotion to the fertile land of Negotin, shaped through decades of nurturing the family tradition of making wine, are the foundations on which the Matalj winery was founded.

The love for winemaking, perfecting the skills that are passed down through the generations, and mastering modern knowledge affirm our desire to share the fruits of personal investment with all true wine lovers.

And more than that, our vision and obligation is to not only preserve the extraordinary potential of the Negotin region, but completely renew it and thus return Negotin to the wine map of Europe, where it has always belonged.

The tour includes:

Pick up and drop off at the agreed place

Tour of the vineyards and winery

12 hours

Min. people: 4 / Max. people: 40

Transport included

Wine tasting

Food paring with wine or

Traditional lunch and dessert

Guide on location