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More than a hundred years ago, the slopes of Vencac and Vrbicke, above Arandjelovac were covered with vineyards. The famous “Venčačka vinogradarska zadruga”, unique in the Balkans, was founded in that area, which produced 300,000 liters of wine between the two world wars, even sparkling wines by the champagne method. Eleanor Roosevelt once visited that cellar.

It was a glorious time for winegrowers and winemakers from Venčac. And then came the time of decline, and in the second half of the 20th century, the vineyards around Arandjelovac were more cleared than cultivated. Good wine from Venčac, Bukulja and vineyards of Vrbič and Orašac – has fallen into oblivion…

Until 2003, Tihomir Tika Timotijevic, a native of Arandjelovac, otherwise a successful civil engineer, decided to build a different “city” above his hometown, on the border of the villages of Vrbica and Orašac. Vineyard.

In the village of Vrbica, on a southern wave of land that flows towards Arandjelovac, Tihomir laid the foundations of his vineyard. Wines that are born with a view of Venčac and Oplenac, are nurtured in the cellar, which, like a wine “chateau”, slowly rises above the vineyards. This is how the foundations of the future viticulture and winemaking of the whole region were laid. That is how Tarpos was born.

The tour includes:

Pick up and drop off at the agreed place

Vineyard and winery tour

8 hours

Min. people: 4 / Max. people: 40

Transport included

Wine tasting

Food paring with wine

Guide on location

Possibility of buying wine at the winery