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It has a modern production facility, which combines the best: traditional and modern. All equipment is positioned to maximize the use of natural gravity and reduce the use of pumps, which is also the most subtle way of manipulating wine. We carefully combine the extraordinary natural conditions provided by our micro-locality, modern technologies in the production of grapes and wines, the experience of a consulting team of top French experts, the ambition and wishes of a young winery team to create distinctive and unique wines with a distinctive seal of terror.

We cultivate each variety carefully, in relation to the wine we want to get. So, in two different ways, the same variety is grown for two wines, and the result is an authentic taste that overwhelms all true wine lovers. Our philosophy is to draw from the grapes the best that nature has given us.



It has a modern production facility, which combines the best: traditional and modern

modern approach

State-of-the-art technologies, with respect for nature and grapes, give our wines a specific character, which is a reflection of the best that the terroir of Fruska Gora and Mala Remeta as micro-localities can provide


Located on the sunny, southern slopes of Fruska Gora at an elevation of 250 meters above sea level


It is located at the meeting point of temperate continental and subcontinental climates, numerous factors such as location, shape, amount of precipitation, dominant winds and abundant vegetation, utilized to the specific local climates of the readers of Fruska Gora

wine cellar

Buried 8 meters below the earth's surface, it reflects the desire to show our strictly controlled and protected production to our customers. Within the basement there are two wine tasting rooms where visitors can enjoy the premium wines of our winery

keeping barrels

All wines are housed in selected French oak barrels, and the style of the wine dictates the specific nuances of the various barrels used